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The TORS restores transformer to virgin oil conditions, removes corrosive sulfur and removes all byproducts of aging transformer oil
The TORS restores transformer to virgin oil conditions, removes corrosive sulfur and removes all byproducts of aging transformer oil.
Adds value to re-refined lube oils by improving color and reducing or removing odors, produces a Group II oil without hydro-treating.
The PCB series dechlorinates contaminated oil allowing for re-use as the residual PCB contamination .
The HVD series of degasifiers uses the only known method for reducing all three primary contaminants by treating the transformer oil
Redragon Oil & Gas Systems International Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom-engineered solutions for the utility and recycling industrial sectors. Products include clay polishing systems for recycled lube oil and other fluids, transformer oil regeneration systems, high vacuum degasifier and oil purification systems, waste oil reclamation systems including WFE, SF6 gas recovery units, PCB dechlorination systems and many other products that allow strategic resources to be re-used at a fraction of the cost of using virgin consumables. Redragon is also a proud member of NORA, an Association of Responsible Recyclers.
Redragon order book exceeds $12-million through first 4 months of 2012 / 2013 financial year!
Redragon is pleased to announce that it has exceeded its own expectations in terms of signed contracts in place and orders received from 1 October 2012 through to the end of the first week of February 2013. We are going to need a large number of new employees to help us fill these orders - job postings will begin appearing on our vacancies page (see Careers, under About Us) over the next few days and weeks.

Redragon PCB Dechlorination System sails
through EPA tests
Redragon is pleased to announce the delivery of its latest PCB Dechlorination System. The PCB-1000 removes PCB contamination from mineral transformer oil to <2 PPM. This unit features an onboard conventional Fullers Earth Tilt-and-Dump unit (left side of photo) and an onboard DBPC additive module. The unit recently completed EPA-mandated and witnessed tests of dechlorinating 3 consecutive batches of 2000 PPM to non-detectable levels.

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 REDRAGON Welcomes Nick Woodfield as Director - Coordination.

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