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 A Message From The President
As president and CEO, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the business partners of Redragon Oil & Gas Systems International Inc. for the patience and understanding extended during our Company restructuring. That process is now formally completed and we are now fully rejuvenated to take our past decade of experiences to a whole new positive level under Redragon Corporation . We look forward with renewed optimism to a bright future where we can continue to contribute to this ever-growing field of recycling, renewing and reusing of resources by introducing new and exciting technologies and by improving efficiencies and reducing costs of existing ones, and to working productively and intelligently to serve our clients and provide the best returns possible for our shareholders, well wishers and our Customers.

As part of the process of reorganization, Redragon Corporation will assume the role of operating company incorporating the traditional roles previously supported by Redragon Oil & Gas Systems International Inc., Redragon Tech. Solutions Inc. and Redragon Oil Services Inc. This website will be updated over the next few weeks to reflect these changes.

A new Advisory Board to Redragon Corporation, comprising of industrial and financial leaders, will be announced shortly. The Advisory Board will guide the Board of Directors of Redragon Corporation. Once again thank you.

Prakash Venkataraman
President & CEO
Redragon Corporation
28th October 2015

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REDRAGON is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom-engineered solutions for the utility and recycling industrial sectors.
The TORS restores transformer to virgin oil conditions, removes corrosive sulfur and removes all byproducts of aging transformer oil.
Adds value to re-refined lube oils by improving color and reducing or removing odors, produces a Group II oil without hydro-treating.
The PCB series dechlorinates contaminated oil allowing for re-use as the residual PCB contamination .
The HVD series of degasifiers uses the only known method for reducing all three primary contaminants by treating the transformer oil

is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of custom-engineered solutions for the utility and recycling industrial sectors. Products include clay polishing systems for recycled lube oil and other fluids, transformer oil regeneration systems, high vacuum degasifier and oil purification systems, waste oil reclamation systems including WFE, SF6 gas recovery units, PCB dechlorination systems and many other products that allow strategic resources to be re-used at a fraction of the cost of using virgin consumables. Redragon is also a proud member of NORA, an Association of Responsible Recyclers.
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Redragon Corporation is getting a green face lift by installing 250 kW of solar power. After all we are in energy recycling business and it's apt for us to adopt greener technologies and tell the world this is just a beginning of our diversification intent, currently under execution. Watch this space for further exciting updates in the near future.

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